The health and wellbeing of the guests and staff are the top priority of Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows. Embracing a culture of unique hospitality and with a deep sense of care and commitment for the individuality and health of our guests, extra measures have been implemented at our hotel to ensure the health and safety of visitors and staff.

At Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows, your safety comes first. We are adopting the health standards announced by International and Greek Health authorities and are following the regulations to reduce exposure to and transmission of a range of illnesses which include hand and respiratory hygiene and safe food practices

Guests will therefore be able to freely experience the beach, surrounding gardens and the countless activities and services of the resort, that are mainly accessible in the vast open air landscaped gardens that offer an innate social distancing.


the ideal destination for maximum social distancing.

150.000 sq m of flourishing natural gardens

1km long beach line

Al fresco dinning options




Guests are required to use hand sanitizers upon entry and exit from public toilets Guests are requested not to dispose of PPE in recycling bins but into regular waste bins


Our Front Office team will welcome you and will guide you through all the processes in quick and effective manner


Airy Spaces and fresh air flows indoors and a/c not used in public spaces


Swift and comfortable processes maintaining distances with staff using PPE


Doors open automatically or by staff


Regular sanitization of buttons, door handles and surfaces. Cars and mini van, frequently sanitized by Staff, equipped with masks and gloves.


Check In

Easy and fast check in procedures applying safe distancing and PPE for staff
Reservation levels will be constantly monitored

Frequent disinfection of surfaces, room keys, POS and floors.
Protective films will be placed on button panels and are sanitized and changed regularly

Sanitization stations will be available in the reception and guests will be encouraged to use them

Guests are encourage to avoid using cash and use cards in order to avoid contact with possible contamination sources


Cleaning & Maintenance

Guest rooms, air-conditioning, ducts and surfaces are disinfected with aerial surface disinfection machine

Rooms , Suites and Bungalows are deep cleaned

Room directories, stationary, pillows and extra amenities have been removed and replaced with contactless versions. Extras are available upon request

We recommend guests vacate the room during housekeeping and/or any maintenance issue resolution

Guests are encouraged to use the stairs for appropriate distancing

A PPE personal kit will be avaiable in all guest rooms

Water testing will be carried out frequently. 

Guests are encouraged to use their rooms rest rooms. Public restrooms are cleaned &disinfected frequently

Use of air-conditioning is to be used at guests' discretion. Air ducts, filters and grills disinfected upon every room change.

Strict disinfection and cleaning schedules are maintained with the use of certified products.


Choice & Safety

-Strict HACCP Protocols already in place and enhanced.
-All buffets rearranged in compliance to covid guidelines
- Staff with PPE on hand to assist in serving.
- Restaurant hours extended to avoid crowding and infection risk
-Restaurants and bars will operate at a reduced capacity to ensure adequate space for social distancing and adjusted layouts

- All employees wear masks and gloves for serving
-Gloves and masks are changed regularly and staff receive intensive covid-safe PPE training
-Personal protective equipment (gloves and masks) are provided to all guests

- Sanitization stations available in all entrances and guests encouraged to use them upon entry
- All surfaces frequently sanitized
- All tables disinfected after every use
- Overnight restaurant deep disinfection

- Tables and chairs are set-up following covid social distancing guidelines.
- Overnight restaurant deep disinfection

- Contactless menus in place to assist ordering.

- Staff workstations secure appropriate social distancing and limit face to face contact and interactions

- Appropriate cleaning of all ingredients and materials used in food preparation

- Appropriate cleaning of untensils and cutlery according to HACCP requirements


-Menus adapted to offer more hot food options

-Approtpriate sanitizing products are used throughout the cooking areas


Pools, Beach & Activities

-Beach & pools regular disinfection
-Social distancing outside and within pools monitored
-Indoor pools will not operate.
- PH and chlorine levels will be monitored frequently
-Sun loungers will be arranged at 2m distance apart around the pools and beach.
- Sun loungers will be sanitized every evening.
-Towel use is mandatory. A towel station will provide fresh towels after each use.

-Mini Club activities will be transferred outdoors and constantly monitored
-Mini Disco will not operate

-Frequent sanitization
-Maximum number of children on location
-PPE by Head Animator

- All sports activities will be limited to only to outside options and will be available only by reservation
-Gym capacity will be frequently monitored securing social distancing.
- Overnight deep disinfection.
- Sanitization stations available
- Use of gym is by appointment only

- Outdoor wellness options will be available by the Animation Team
_ Appropriate social distancing will be maintained

- Live Music Programs will be available where social distancing can apply
-Beach Parties will be unavailable


Check Out

Fast check-out procedure upon request.

Social distancing applied through clear & appropriate floor signage
Appropriate desk space to ensure required social distancing

Sanitization stations will be available in the reception and guests.

Contactless bill delivery.