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On the following pages you will find – in alphabetical order – information about the hotel and its services, which will help you to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.
The items marked with * are not included in your all-inclusive arrangement. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to check with the Reception Desk.
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Caravia Beach Hotel Management

Name Glossary

Caravia – in Greek means “boats” and has been derived from the boats passing along the Marmari coast

Máina – a nautical term, metaphorically meaning “relax” in Greek; it refers to the process of easing away or relaxing the ropes of a ship

Anassa – means “Queen” in Greek



Some areas within the hotel (Junior Suites and Pool, Máina Restaurant, Anassa Wellness Centre, etc) are re- served for adults (16+). Please check for designating signs.


Caravia Beach Hotel is committed to meeting all of the requirements for peo- ple with accessibility issues (Accessibil- ity Pass), featuring all necessary facili- ties that ensue a comfortable stay.


Standard Rooms are air-conditioned individually regulated through a cen- tral system. Please make sure that your balcony doors and windows are closed properly, otherwise the device will not work effectively. Bungalows and Suites have individual Air Conditioning sys- tems.


Please check with your travel rep re- garding your all-inclusive terms. If you are an independent guest, please check your booking for details.

Please note that services marked with “*” are not included in the all inclusive arrangement.

All inclusive services run from 07:00 to 24:00.


For those guests that have special di- etary requirements such as allergies or intolerances, please contact the Recep- tion Desk.


Anassa Wellness Centre offers among other things: indoor pool, sauna, steam bath, relax zone, facial treatments, mas- sages and other related services as well as a hair salon and nail bar (by appoint- ment only). Extra charges apply.

There is also a modern gym available within the premises (See Gym). For ap- pointments please book on the website or contact Caravia Beach Reception.


An experienced Animation Team is on hand for your entertainment from morn- ing to night. A detailed programme is available on the info boards.


In the beginning and at the end of the season it is possible that there is a possible change in the operating hours and the entertainment schedule due to weather conditions Please consult the Reception Desk and Info Boards for details.

Safety and Rules of Use

Please consult notice boards located in the following areas for detailed safety and rules of use:
• Anassa Wellness Centre
• Beach
• Gym
• Restaurants
• Rooms
• Pool areas
• Sports Areas
• Water Park
It is highly recommended that you follow the rules mentioned for your own personal safety.
For more details read here

Sun Beds

Please respect fellow guests and DO NOT reserve sun beds with towels. The management will remove any towels or objects left unattended.


Please do not swim directly after meals or having consumed alcohol for your own personal safety.



We kindly request you to complete the questionnaire that you will find at the Reception Desk. This way you can contribute to the improvement of the quality of our services.

And when you get home, please share your opinion on Trip Advisor and / or Holiday Check.

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